Daniel Boffey

Train2Game has opened up a whole new and exciting career path for me for which I am very grateful. I have a young family which I am the sole provider for so going into full time education was impossible for me, so a distance learning course in what is a dream profession for me was perfect and I don’t regret signing up for one moment. The course has taught me a lot about the games industry as a whole and has encouraged me to learn new skills which will make me a better game designer when I’ve completed the course.

Since I started the course I have worked with two teams Merkury games and Mytho games who have between them made a total of seven games. I have written multiple pitch documents for the teams and consulted on every project currently in development at both. I’m currently preparing a crowd funding campaign for a major project at Mytho and writing two full game design documents for two ambitious and exciting projects which will hopefully start production at near the start of 2014.