Phil Langdon

Train2game has been the most exciting change in my life so far. The course providers have cleverly recognised that those interested in pursuing a career change into gaming must be doing it because they have a game in mind to create or they can bring something new to the table. For myself the course did exactly the right thing from the word go in that it gave me a game making program that I could learn to use quickly to start creating my own games. That’s exactly what I have done and it’s turned out to be a extremely worthwhile.


Since starting the course I have become an expert at gamemaker in just 6 months. Having access to a genuine gamemaking program was the catalyst I needed to grow as a graphic/concept artist to enter the realms of modern gaming.  With the understanding of game variables and general gaming issues I can now see how to create games in detail. Without those first steps into the world of gamemaker I could not see how I would become a good game designer.