Jay Evans

For the last 8 years I have worked in marketing, on various different things from managing direct mail campaigns through to managing content for websites. In this time I’d looked at many options for my future career but none had really stood out for me, all I really had was a passion for gaming and a fair bit of experience in online/offline marketing… until I found Train2Game on one of my many searches.

Train2Game for me is a great way to finally get into an industry I’ve been passionate about since I first played pong on one of the second generation consoles. It’s been a great place to meet likeminded individuals with the same passion for games, and having the source material teach you in a way that’s relevant to your interests is always a great way to keep you interested in a topic. It’s helped me turn something that was, for a time, a bit of a pipedream for me, into something that looks very real for my future, which only aides in pushing me harder to make that dream come true.

I joined Train2Game in mid July and I’m just about to submit the last part of section 1. With an average score of 94%, the course design and quick wins have really helped to boost my confidence in the subject and drive me on to get my teeth into the bigger pieces of work. It’s also made me want to get more involved in the community and try to help out other students where I can, using some of my own personal experiences with learning.

As for the achievements – I got a little stuck because I’m not really used to blowing my own trumpet, I tend to work pretty well behind the scenes (which can sometimes be a bit of a thankless task but hey-ho):

o 8 years of experience in online and offline marketing (primarily online marketing).
o Currently studying a BSc Honours in IT and Computing (Software development path).
o Excellent CSS and HTML skills, with a decent knowledge of Javascript and C#.