Scott Evin-Williams

Train2Game, Art and Animation, Diploma…  starting out as a chef ended up bringing out an artistic side that lead me from courses to take me to this, and yes, a great experience not only the course but the game jam events and EXPO’s which make going into the industry that much less intimidating.

For me Train2Game has combined my expertise: The chef, very particular in presentation, the photographer using laser lighting and dark Gothic/Greyscale, landscape photography, video-editing and animation skills to combine one massive skill-set that led me to know the Art and Animation course was perfect for me, gaming and playing games to research the up and comers is a total luxury. The Train2Game Art and Animation course was a great choice and the course material, sometimes a sticky issue has had me flying high! Still perfectly happy that I decided to do this course.

Gaming and playing games to research the up and comers for example a few of the Call of Duty games, Battlefield, Flight simulator, DCS, War Thunder to open world adventure games like Just Cause and Far Cry series to horror (Resident Evil) also stealth games Metal Gear Solid), I take a particular interest in the graphics and at what stage a new part of the scene in any game causes a new part to appear, Also how the balance between realism and fiction in games can come across “The Uncanny Valley Theory” by Masahiro Mori.

Art and Animation, Diploma is my chance at a career I will do until its retirement age, I take pleasure in helping others climb up the ladder. My qualifications on paper show a well-rounded artist in many respects and DVD/Online tutorials have only added to furthering my games art knowledge.

  • I am a freelance photographer but a lot of time is based around the course.
  • Catering and Hospitality Level 2, Diploma
  • Media and Video-Editing, Diploma
  • Access to Higher Education, Diploma
  • Ba Hons Animation, Degree (first 9 months, left due to health issues)
  • Web Designer, Diploma

And at the start I simply wandered onto this site, called in, and before I knew it, my career took a huge leep all through the efforts of Train2Game’s Art and Animation course and the staff and events it promotes.