Nick Walker

Train2Game provided me with an opportunity for higher education that wouldn’t have otherwise been available to me, with a course structure that suited my circumstance, and I’m extremely appreciative of that fact.

Having been used to a system of education that expected me to learn at a predefined, arbitrary speed, I found the flexibility of the Games Developer course refreshing, and altogether better. I think there is a worry that without deadlines students may get lazy, but, in my experience, the opposite is true: I’ve been able to learn at a pace that matched my ability, excelling in the areas that I’d had experience with, and being allowed to take the time in areas that I didn’t. I had no idea how badly my education was affected by stress until I was put in a situation that removed it, and as a result I’ve done considerably better.

I believe this style of learning is fundamentally brilliant. The freedom I have to self-manage my time on the course has allowed me to take part in various other projects and collaborations, research topics indirectly related to my course, as well as kick-start a career as a freelance game developer, with the flexibility of hours that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Additionally, the course has helped me establish a self-motivated learning style that I will be required to use throughout my career, but with the support of the student body available throughout, as well as the help of the tutors where necessary.


  • I co-founded Icey Monty LTD with (student) John Esslemont in April ’13, developing products in London and Wales for names like Strongbow and Eson Design, and have since hired two more staff, including (student) Domm Young.
  • Write-up in National Newspaper: The Guardian