Mykolas Mankevicius

Train2Game was the first big step towards my current place, I now work as a QA tester in a game development studio called: A-steroids. Also working on my own projects in Angler Fish Games (my own studio) in my spare time. Train2Game helped me a lot in learning how to become a developer. They have a really great community of people, and they do great public events like Train2Game jam and other things. Without Train2Game I wouldn’t be where I am now, and even though it’s only a small step in the industry, it’s a huge step in my life, I am now working in a game company, have my own little team to work on my own projects and a  long list of good friends which came from Train2Game.


  • Wining the second Christmas competition in Train2Game.
  • Learning to program in C++, AS3, objective-C.
  • Launching a Pixel Fixor game onto app store.
  • Getting a QA job in a game company.
  • Having my own little indie studio.