Dudley Long

Train2Game for me was one of the best choices I have made. Before Train2Game I had done 3D art for a few small projects but I only new the basics. When Train2Game came along it took my previous knowledge and improved upon it. I learnt quicker ways to go about the same menial tasks I had spent hours on before. Train2Game has really helped me and I still get excited about all the new things I learn no mater how small they are.


  • I completed making all 2D art for one game within 1 full week (over 70 different assets)
  • I have managed to improve my character modelling skills since joining as character modelling was my biggest weakness.
  • I have set up a small team of Train2Game students in the hope of becoming a small indie developer called Mytho Games.
  • I have had one released game and three others in the pipeline with another student group Merkury Games.