Robert Ramsay

Train 2 Game helped to pave the way to a job in the Game Industry plus switch my mind on to what the industry requires from a games artist from the concept to the final product stages in producing assets for a game.

I gained the confidence to go as far as I could with my knowledge not only from the course but also from self-training. Train2Game really polished up my perspective of what I had to do to enter into the industry. I have been working in London as a graphics artist both employed and now self employed as an outsource artist for various indie game projects worldwide that has brought me in the cash needed to stay in London which I feel has a great networking prowess for going even further in the industry. I now consider myself as a professional graphics artist both 2D and 3D able to deliver on mostly all things Digital Art related. Like I said before, Train2Game helped to polish up my perspective of what I had to do and steered me away from any habits that may have sustained had I not taken part in the course.