Paul Atherton

Before joining Train2Game I was learning to become an IT Technician, while working part time in my family business and doing some game capturing and Video editing on the side in order to get new skills to help broaden my horizons. While working in a High School I got my first XBO Magazine after expressing interest of going into Game Testing. Game Testing as a profession at the time was just a dream and not something I seriously considered, at the end of 2008 I lost my job and was unable to finish my college course.  Unable to continue my course and out of work I came across Train2game, thinking it was a advertisement  I quickly applied only later did I find out it was a course to teach the ins-and-outs of Game Testing.

While on the QA course I quickly found others who were interested in gaming on the forums and talked with others on different gaming course, around this time Skyrim was releasing it’s Creation Tools, I was encouraged to try the modding tools, resulting in my first Mod which I later put onto the Steam Workshop. A team of us came together to make a much bigger mod and after a few weeks the project was quickly scrapped however the knowledge I gained from that was invaluable.

At the back end of 2011 I came across a Home Testing company which pays for testers to help test the online portions of the games for a few hours week, over 3-4 shifts. Now in 2014 I have taken part in seven-eight paid home tests on varying Platforms (Xbox 360, X1, PS3, PC) and was picked to be a moderator of a team of 40+ testers. In Early 2014 I also got the opportunity to spend a week at RARE Ltd Studio’s as part of a Focus Group of testers, this allowed me to get my hands on my first Dev Kit and seeing the game in a incomplete form. Seven months later after I got contacted  by a major entertainment company inviting me for an Interview, they phoned back and confirmed I got the Job.