Wayne Campbell

I work full time as a white van delivery driver I also part live with my Nan and I have two lovely daughters with my partner Sonia in which I have to juggle my time around everything to study. When I began Train2Game it was just me in my room alone studying and I never really had much contact with other programmers or designers until I went to a Game Jam. This was where I first met Richard Hoffman and Mantas Versulis, our team came second place in the Game Jam. I then realised that I could do some really amazing things if I had the right people around you… I was on top of the world!

Outside of Train2Game I had some personal problems. I tried to study but my mind was all over the place, Richard would always keep me posted about the gaming scene or any events he showed me about the Microsoft Accelerator I knew of it through Student World but was not going to do anything at that point in time. The train2game course really allowed me this time that I needed and I was able to pick myself back up and carry on with the course when I was ready to.

Now Train2Game has allowed me to be part of this incredible opportunity with GallantCloud Games and I cannot wait to see what the team comes up with in the future!