Universally Speaking request Train2Game students apply for its professional QA positions

Games Development Company offers Train2Game student community Functionality and Language Tester positions

One of the UK’s leading names in QA is working with Train2Game to find its latest group of QA professionals. This latest request for applicants is part of the ongoing business relationship between Universally Speaking and Train2Game, two Train2Game students are working at Universally Speaking. The company are after strong applicants and Train2Game are providing trained individuals to fill the roles.

Universally Speaking require six Functionality and twenty Language Testers. Language QA testers at the company whouse their language skills to localise games also test Functionality as part of their role. Train2Game are the ideal providers of applicants with its rich pool of international students from all over the world who speak different languages.

This new request for QA applicants is a testament to the positive working relationship between the companies and an endorsement of the previously successful Train2Game students working at Universally Speaking. The initiative is part of Train2Game’s wider goal of getting students into jobs, helping students get in to games related companies with opportunities of career progression.

Patrick Lambert, Vendor Manager at Universally Speaking: “We’re looking for applications from across the Train2Game courses, not just limited to those studying QA. We think the positons are the ideal entrance to the Games Industry and a great way to experience making games professionally. The types of game we work on can vary wildly, at the moment for example we have quite a few casual games in. We’ve built a great reputation in gaming and the company also works on non-gaming projects, including educational software, applications and websites.”

“At this time Universally Speaking are working on a major push for new recruits having landed a number of great contracts. We’re looking to get new staff in to service our clients and work for us on these exciting projects. We’re always looking for native-level speakers of French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (all variants) . At this time we are also looking specifically for applicants able to speak Dutch, Thai, Korean, Malay, Russian, Polish , Turkish or one of the Scandinavian languages

“Functionality Testers are responsible for testing, identifying, recording and suggesting fixes to potential bugs in video game programs relating to any technical and functional issues.

For language QA Testers, successful candidates will be tasked to find and report linguistic and implementation issues found in video games. They will then provide suitable fixes/alternative translations to errors found and undertake the role of a Functionality Tester where required.

In both roles we are looking for excellent written and spoken English, outstanding attention to detail, motivation, focus on project completion and excellent communications skills. A passion for Video Games is of course also a huge plus!

To receive more details and apply for a position, contact: mark@train2game.com