Ritchie Demicol

I’ve enjoyed it playing video games since a very young age and my first console was a Sega Master System. Since that moment I very first played Sonic The Hedgehog I was hooked since. So I thank the blue spiked dude for getting me into video games. I enjoy playing games as a hobbie but didn’t see me wanting to do it as a career until the age of 27. Then that’s when I came across Train2Game on the Google search engine.

I am now studying Games Design. I started back in Feb 2013, but after doing the QA Tester for the past two years I noticed it wasn’t for me and spoke to Train2Game to see if it was possible to do the design side and luckily enough I was able to change to that.

The sort of games I’m mainly into are Gears of War, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Halo, Half Life, Dragon Age, Batman Arkham Series etc. I am open minded to play any genre of video games but more into them sort of styles. What I’m looking to get out of this course is to learn a lot more on how games work, what sort of work you have to put in and mainly looking to get a future within the games industry :)