Neil Gorman

Train2game has helped me towards my ultimate goal of a job in the games industry. Before starting with Train2game I loved playing games and had from a young age but due to their guidance, extra curricular activities and opportunities they provided me with I am now getting involved in an industry that seemed a world away 4 years ago. I am now working towards a Masters Degree in video games development which would never have come about if it wasn’t for the great mentors and people involved with Train2Game.


  • I have been involved in numerous game jams.
  • Set a world record with Train2game and Microsoft.
  • Attended create something unreal live with Train2game and EPIC games.
  • Helped create in game assets for 50 educational games with Microsoft and light wood studios.
  • I have been involved in several published game projects.
  • Now doing an MA in video game development.