Ben Cooper

Joining the Train2Game course was without doubt one of the best things I have ever done with regards to advancing my career and my life. Before joining the course I was lost, not knowing what to do to get into the industry that I love. Other courses that I looked into required grades I simply did not have or funds that were not available to me. It gave me a solid path to go down at a price that suited and allowed me to study around the other commitments that I had in my life. Through the course I have met some incredibly talented people who I now have the pleasure of calling my friends and have developed greatly as an individual. Being part of the industry has pushed me to realise my full potential and working towards creating something new, fun and exciting every day is the best feeling in the world. Without Train2Game realising and helping me to develop my talent I do not know where I would be right now.

Achievements since joining the course.

  • First prize in the banner competition with Train2Game. My design was picked over all others who entered and was displayed at Eurogamer 2011.
  • Passing each TMA undertaken and the first exam through Train2Game
  • Lead artist and animator for Rounded Squarish.
  • Freelance Graphic designer work for Ayla beauty
  • 3D Freelance Artist for Cityscape Digital
  • A place in the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program
  • CEO and Artist/ Animator GallantCloud Games