Amanda Blatch

Train2Game has helped me meet new people with similar goals by bringing us all together at events such as Eurogamer, game jams and other game industry related events. Since joining the course I have improved exponentially in my 3d art skills through the industry placement program, every new project is a new challenge and keeps […]

Nick Walker

Train2Game provided me with an opportunity for higher education that wouldn’t have otherwise been available to me, with a course structure that suited my circumstance, and I’m extremely appreciative of that fact. Having been used to a system of education that expected me to learn at a predefined, arbitrary speed, I found the flexibility of […]

Phil Langdon

Train2game has been the most exciting change in my life so far. The course providers have cleverly recognised that those interested in pursuing a career change into gaming must be doing it because they have a game in mind to create or they can bring something new to the table. For myself the course did […]

Richard Hoffman

Train2Game is a great Roller coaster ride. I like the TMA’s and studying each week and seeing the progress. Then participating at the T2G Game Jam in 2012, coming second and also making it to the Guinness Book records for the biggest Game Jam was a great experience. And now being at the Microsoft Accelerator […]

Michael Bird

I think that Train2Game is a fantastic idea that has and will give people like myself an opportunity to achieve their dreams of one day working it the gaming industry creating the games that we all love to play. For me it has helped me so much to realise that I can do it through there guidance […]

Mark Kington

Train2Game has absolutely changed my life. Before T2G I was going from dead end job to dead end job with no direction or idea of what to do with myself. Train2Game has given me an amazing job that I am proud to tell people I do. Since joining the course I was one of the […]