James Mahon

Train2Game has given me the confidence, skills and knowledge to pursue a career in game design. I’ve always been passionate about video games as a kid but never thought to pursue it as a career until I learned about Train2Game.

I’ve managed to create my first game on my own with the first book in the whole course. The practical lessons give a complete understanding of the concepts and had me apply it to reinforce what I’ve learned. Learning with Train2Game allows me to build my portfolio and learn at the same time.

Having made my first game, I was able to find work experience inside a local company. I used the skills I’ve learned with my first game to design a game for thier company website. I managed to complete the project in half the time it took me to complete my first game. It gave me a lot of insight in working in a team and on a project that wasn’t my own idea.

I’m already creating my third game and every project only gets more ambitious than the last. I consider making a video game very much like playing one. It’s simply a learning experience and we use what we’ve learned to overcome tougher challenges that lie ahead.

Now, I get more entertainment out of creating video games than actually playing them. Creating them is not an easy task but Train2Game has helped me out a lot and has made it so much clearer. It’s made me confident enough to pursue it as a career.