Stephanie Bretherton

I like that I can study for this qualification around my work and lifestyle, I currently juggle two jobs in the Retail and Public Sector, and of course my hobbies are video games and creative writing!

My first console was a Nintendo 64 and handheld was a Game Boy Colour, but my gaming experience didn’t really kick off until I got a PS2, and I discovered my love for role playing games in the form of Final Fantasy X-2.

I love the aspect of character creation and story development in a video game. When the opportunity came to study games design it felt like I was destined to go for it – it would be amazing to work in the games industry!

I have recently decided I would like to work as a Narrative Designer and create the story and the characters for video games, maybe even get involved in a little voice acting!

I am currently working on building a portfolio via WordPress to show my creative writing skills. I am due to complete my course soon so hopefully my dream will come true in the next few years!

If there is anyone looking for a Narrative Designer (Ideally I would want to work from home) please contact me via WordPress!