Steven Herod

Steven Herod, CEO, Heresy Games: “I’m classed as the team leader/boss but within the group I have four team leaders, Chris is Team Leader on the frosty Pigeon project, Jason is running the House project, Myself and Valo are running Ming In Space Project, Mauro and Heather are running Desert Raiders (Newest addition to the list).”

“We came together, well let me start from the beginning, I started the course and made that first game on construct 2, Asteroid dodger game, And I thought about how to expand it and make is an actual decent game, Me and My bestfriend (Cara, She quit XD), started to the make the group.”

“Not all of our members are Train2Game. An old best friend/neighbour is mad on gaming so immediately I’ve got him involved and some of his arty friends involved so I’m teaching them about Unity, (Can’t teach them construct2 very well without them having the licence to release stuff but I’ll buy them that in the future.)”

“In my opinion, The Train2Game course has been fantastic so far, (Little hiccup with TIGA but if they don’t want to accredit us then fine, I’ll be successful without them :P.) But in terms of the actual course, the work I’m really enjoying it, I’m super looking forward to my projects at the end, The TMA’s could maybe be a bit harder than multiple choice questions but on the other hand they are just checkpoints really so I’ll see what the projects are like,, ABSOLUTELY love the Unity book, It’s got everything in it!!”

“By making actual games instead of brainstorming and saying that’s cool has really given such a better understanding of how to make the games, what is needed, and how to improve. An example is for a Construct 2 mess around project I made a level select screen, it didn’t really thrill me but then because I had learnt it in Train2Game I used an array to set it up and BAM much better, So using that example project I’ve shown some people and they’ve adapted their ways and Chris even said that without actually making the level select screen he had no idea how it really worked (If you understand?)”

“Long term goals, Be Bigger than Microsoft, XD, Or own Microsoft,, Whichever comes first, but no, seriously I’m going to open and run a studios in Manchester and Mauro is going to run the studios in London. We’re going to be the best game developers ever and we will owe each other for our success. Like I said though, some people aren’t here for the long run, I know some people just want some money and portfolio work which when they get this and leave we’ll keep their info for when we’re a huge success and they want to come back, and we’ll either welcome them back with open arms or assign them to the mail room (Depends how they left).”