• Train2Game Winners

Mykolas Mankevicius

Train2Game was the first big step towards my current place, I now work as a QA tester in a game development studio called: A-steroids. Also working on my own projects in Angler Fish Games (my own studio) in my spare time. Train2Game helped me a lot in learning how to become a developer. They have […]

Bruno Ribeiro

Train2Game gave me the tools I need to finally get me on the right path. I have now the skills I need to be able to create what I always imagined was impossible, and the best thing is I know that what I learned is at an industry standard. There is so much material available […]

Chris Robinson

Train2Game taught me academic fundamentals in games design such as the formal elements from which all games are built upon, in-depth breakdown into creative methods and development processes. Without Train2game’s support, guidance and placement program which made it possible to acquire experience in the game industry, combined with my own dedication, perseverance and hard graft, […]

Samuel Brayley

I became a T2G student in March last year studying QA and level design, and began applying my knowledge gained three months later in around June Thanks to an advertisement posted on the T2G Facebook page at the time, I went into the offices of Roll7, a small game development studio in South East London […]

James Hardman

To be perfectly honest Train2Game is a godsend. The university I attended before failed to train the artist to employable levels and restricting the artist capacity for growth with a cold and impassionate approach. It was devastating and exhaustive the thought my 7 year studying went to waste, dedicated myself in one specialised field to […]

Richard Clark

Train2game has opened the doorway to a brighter future for me personally. Before I joined the course I was a keen gamer and tried my own path at designing games since I was in high school but to no avail. After studying at two colleges I needed to find a course and subject that suited […]

Daniel Boffey

Train2Game has opened up a whole new and exciting career path for me for which I am very grateful. I have a young family which I am the sole provider for so going into full time education was impossible for me, so a distance learning course in what is a dream profession for me was […]

John Esslemont

Train2Game gave me everything I needed to further my career in the games industry, without them I would not be where I am today. I always got help when needed and the Train2Game community was an awesome place to learn new things from fellow students. This also allowed me to not only do the course […]

Lee Sainsbury

Train2game has been an amazing experience. Not only has train2game helped me achieve my dream of learning about the games industry, it has helped me connect with a myriad of people, industry professionals and students. From that, I achieved my goal of getting into the industry, and for that I am very thankful. Achievements & […]

Ben Stoneman

Train2Game has been a key part of my career. Train2Game gave me the opportunity to listen to the advice of Industry experts in an environment where I was making games and allowed me to better understand the advice given. Achievements March 2011: Won GameJam as Team Leader/Designer. November 2011: Was individually chosen to compete in […]