• Train2Game Winners

Robert Ramsay

Train 2 Game helped to pave the way to a job in the Game Industry plus switch my mind on to what the industry requires from a games artist from the concept to the final product stages in producing assets for a game. I gained the confidence to go as far as I could with […]

Dudley Long

Train2Game for me was one of the best choices I have made. Before Train2Game I had done 3D art for a few small projects but I only new the basics. When Train2Game came along it took my previous knowledge and improved upon it. I learnt quicker ways to go about the same menial tasks I […]

Jonny Robinson

Without Train2Game I wouldn’t have been doing my dream job today which is Game Design. Train2Game have provided me with key fundamentals of understanding what to expect from the game industry and what they demand of me. I have now worked in the Game Industry for 3 and a half years and have made some […]

Matthew Dymond

I’m Matt, one of the runner ups in Make Something Unreal Live 2012. Firstly, I can say for sure that you wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t for Train2Game. Breaking into the games industry takes a lot of hard work and determination, so I knew that my journey wouldn’t be easy. I signed up […]

Wayne Campbell

I work full time as a white van delivery driver I also part live with my Nan and I have two lovely daughters with my partner Sonia in which I have to juggle my time around everything to study. When I began Train2Game it was just me in my room alone studying and I never […]

Ben Cooper

Joining the Train2Game course was without doubt one of the best things I have ever done with regards to advancing my career and my life. Before joining the course I was lost, not knowing what to do to get into the industry that I love. Other courses that I looked into required grades I simply […]

Craig Moore

Train2Game has been the driving factor for being able to follow my dreams. It gave me the inspiration, contacts and motivation to take the knowledge I had, and have learnt since, and attribute it to a working environment. With a lot of hard work, and sacrifice, I have finished my course and have been able […]

Nicola Valcasara

I joined the Train2Game courses on October 2012 and as soon as I started to study I never regretted my choice. I’ve always received help from my tutors when I needed it and, even if sometimes the material is too easy for me (I started to study programming languages at the high school), the courses cover […]

Neil Gorman

Train2game has helped me towards my ultimate goal of a job in the games industry. Before starting with Train2game I loved playing games and had from a young age but due to their guidance, extra curricular activities and opportunities they provided me with I am now getting involved in an industry that seemed a world […]

Gareth Brook

Train2Game has been my key to unlocking the door to this industry, and without it, I would not have been able to pursue my goals. Since completing the course, I have set up a studio called Road Hog Games with other like-minded students, and am also working with two other studios on their individual projects. […]