Scott Evin-Williams

Train2Game, Art and Animation, Diploma…  starting out as a chef ended up bringing out an artistic side that lead me from courses to take me to this, and yes, a great experience not only the course but the game jam events and EXPO’s which make going into the industry that much less intimidating. For me […]

Laurece Brown

I think Train2game is a brilliant course! The teaching material is fantastic; guiding pupils through the games industry and of course their chosen focus area in the industry. T2G has enhanced my writing, pushed me to explore and understand, also showed me that almost any idea can be a success if it is executed correctly. […]

Adam Sherratt

Train2Game  helped me take my first steps into the game industry. The Developer course taught me more in depth programming concepts and the fundamentals of how games really work but more importantly it taught me to teach myself, to go out and seek knowledge and then apply it to make my own games. I am […]

Tabi Polson

Video games have always been a passion of mine, from my early gaming years playing Ocarina of time and Doom; to more recent games like Halo, Dragon age and Goat simulator. For me it was a natural progression from nerdy gamer to nerdy game designer. I did my main university studies back home in New […]

Jake Dale

It’s safe to say that undertaking the Games Designer course with Train2Game has been a fantastic turn of events for me. Not only am I continuing to further my skills as a Games Designer and have met some great people, I have even managed to start up a small (and still growing) team who are […]

Rena Farkas

I started the App Development course a few months ago with the intention of becoming a professional app developer. It offers flexibility, well-detailed course material, and help when needed. I’ve already learnt a lot about the industry and I believe it’ll help when I have to create my portfolio. In co-operation with Paisley University I’ve […]

Jay Evans

For the last 8 years I have worked in marketing, on various different things from managing direct mail campaigns through to managing content for websites. In this time I’d looked at many options for my future career but none had really stood out for me, all I really had was a passion for gaming and […]

Adam Clark

Train2Game has given me a solid foundation in video games design. Like all courses, you will need to do outside research and find external resources, but the initial stepping stone for me was Train2game. It  pointed me in the right direction, I learned the principles of game design and development and it allowed me to […]

Paul Atherton

Before joining Train2Game I was learning to become an IT Technician, while working part time in my family business and doing some game capturing and Video editing on the side in order to get new skills to help broaden my horizons. While working in a High School I got my first XBO Magazine after expressing […]

Damien Enticott

Train2Game student Damien Enticott talks about his positive experiences studying with Train2Game