Games Development students wanted to create games for kids

Train2Game pupil creating cartoon games for kids wants students to join his team and get hands on experience making games James Mahon, 25, from Birmingham wants students to join him in making awesome games for kids. James is on the Games Design course, is coming to the end of his studies and has so far […]

Steven Herod

Steven Herod, CEO, Heresy Games: “I’m classed as the team leader/boss but within the group I have four team leaders, Chris is Team Leader on the frosty Pigeon project, Jason is running the House project, Myself and Valo are running Ming In Space Project, Mauro and Heather are running Desert Raiders (Newest addition to the […]

Sheldon Gilman

“My name is Sheldon Gilman, I am 35 and currently live in a small village called Redbourn in Hertfordshire with my wife and one year old daughter. I was originally born in Jamaica and moved to England with my parents when I was six months old. We lived in south London till I was seven […]

Ben Randall cooking up a career in games

After a change in his family’s circumstances, professional chef Ben Randall quit working in a Michelin Star kitchen to study Games Development with Train2Game and to have more time with his family When life changed for Train2Game student Ben Randall, 27, from Peterborough, he left his job in the kitchen to spend more time with […]

Peter Law

The forum favourite that operates under the username: Carwash. He’s helped many other students with their Train2Game related queries and assisted lots of people on their games creation journeys. Not a lot of people actually know that Peter has been working in the games industry for years. He’s now working on his own projects and […]

Universally Speaking request Train2Game students apply for its professional QA positions

Games Development Company offers Train2Game student community Functionality and Language Tester positions One of the UK’s leading names in QA is working with Train2Game to find its latest group of QA professionals. This latest request for applicants is part of the ongoing business relationship between Universally Speaking and Train2Game, two Train2Game students are working at […]

Alexander Robertson

Ever since playing my first computer games on the c64 and spectrum zx , I wanted to be involved in the making of games. As I got older working my way through all the different consoles like all the nintendo’s , sega’s, playstations, xbox’s and gaming PC’s, the desire to do this became stronger but […]

Stephanie Bretherton

I like that I can study for this qualification around my work and lifestyle, I currently juggle two jobs in the Retail and Public Sector, and of course my hobbies are video games and creative writing! My first console was a Nintendo 64 and handheld was a Game Boy Colour, but my gaming experience didn’t […]

Bryan Coady

A little about myself. I have always enjoyed games and have always been interested in how they are made. Starting the train2game course as a game developer I have a greater understanding on what goes into making a game as well as how great it feels to make a game from nothing. Train2game gives you […]

Ritchie Demicol

I’ve enjoyed it playing video games since a very young age and my first console was a Sega Master System. Since that moment I very first played Sonic The Hedgehog I was hooked since. So I thank the blue spiked dude for getting me into video games. I enjoy playing games as a hobbie but […]